We are your personal Property Advisors, not just agents looking for a commission.

Sell With Us

From the beginning, we specifically focus on helping you understand the current market and how you can get the best result for your property. We focus on your property and situation and therefor our Research and Strategies for selling your property are specific and tailored to your needs.

Our ultimate aim is to develop a relationship with you that is built on mutual honesty and trust and to deliver you a customised service with the highest integrity while assisting you to achieve your property goals.

The Red Circle Difference

Research:  Over the years and through the process of our work, we gather market information and data which we then interpret into easy to read presentations for you. From the beginning of our relationship we start a process of quantifying your property, working through data and identifying target markets so that we can build a strategy that will achieve the best result. Along the way you will see how your property is performing and you will be able to make even more intelligent decisions as to the direction you wish to take.

Strategy:  More than just a sales pitch, we have a plan that will achieve your property goals and we create it to suit the unique needs you may have and to match your property. That plan is backed by our internal systems which streamline the selling processes. Once a property is listed, a series of predetermined office generated tasks are allocated to the relevant positions throughout our company for action. This ensures that nothing is missed, the plan is executed and the full check list of actions, that lead to the result you are employing us for, are completed.

Communication:  Our focus toward communication is all about sharing every important detail with you along the way so that you know what is happening at each stage of the process. One of the biggest complaints about dealing with a real estate agent is that once appointed you don’t hear from them again; this leads to uncertainty, stress and frustration. We don’t let this happen! Communication will help you understand the process; we want you to know as much as you need to know so that the next time you are faced with the same property challenges you can easily overcome them and become a more astute property holder.

Through a series of meetings, a wealth of information and ongoing communication, we aim to lead you through the challenging aspects of selling or leasing and we have built numerous tools to help provide you with the information you need.

Resources:  Our software is first class and designed exactly to blend your customer service needs and our internal systems together so that we can deliver on our promises to you. Our Advisors are backed with experienced administrative support personnel how handle the internal details and coordination of your file. Our Property Advisors can then ensure that no detail is missed whilst handling your property and it also frees them up to spend more time focusing on your specific requirements and the services we provide to those people looking to buy.

Guaranteed Level Of Service

All relationships are built on trust the ability to be open with each other and we want you to feel 100% comfortable with us, that is why we will guarantee our level of service. If you feel that we have not performed our service to you, then you may withdraw your property from sale with us and pay no commission at all. Of course, this is not the outcome either of us want, but it is our way to show you that we are in the sale with you, focused on delivering you the finest service and achieving the best outcome... not just an agent looking for a sale commission.

What Our Clients say

I was kept well informed on how the property was moving throughout the whole process. I could not fault Brad or his staff, very professional. Honesty can never be over looked at any level. This team has all of that and a lot more. Keep up the good work team.

Anthony Stewart 1 Katelyn Court

We were very lucky that Brad Miller and team were our Agents when selling our property. They were professional, reliable, prompt & very friendly to deal with. I would highly recommend the team to family & friends!!!

Susie & Shane Jarvis Lot 2 Southern Cross Rd

From Our CEO

When you entrust us with the sale of your property it will become our ‘team’ focus and responsibility to ensure that every possible effort is made to guarantee an excellent level of service to you. We look forward, with enthusiasm, to the opportunity to help you achieve a great sale result so you can move on with your plans.

        Brad Miller

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