Congratulations! You have just taken the first step to change.

Did you think it wasn't possible to change your property manager once you had a tenancy in place?

Change Agency

That was easy wasn't it? The fact is that changing agents is simple and will not cost a cent. If you’re not satisfied with the service you are receiving with your current property manager, making the switch to Red Circle is easy, we do the work for you with minimal disruption to your tenant.

Properties with a current tenant in place can be transferred easily and quickly once we have approval to commence management on your behalf. We will arrange all the relevant paperwork with no fees or charges payable.

  • We collect all of the relevant documentation from the previous agent.
  • We will be in touch with the tenants and arrange to meet them to familiarize ourselves with the property and discuss the on-going rental and re-assure them that there will be very little disruption.
  • We will conduct any outstanding routine inspections and confirm any pending maintenance items.
  • We will review the rent and the lease agreement to ensure it is set up correctly and to your satisfaction.
  • We then provide ongoing support, professional advice and superior service.

This transition is smooth and easy and we know you will notice the change for the better immediately.

How can we help you?

Whether you're a new client who has been acquired through the purchase of a rent roll or your just looking for a new property manager that will perform better than your current agency, the team at Red Circle will be pleased to discuss your requirements and answer any of your questions. Some of our best clients have come to us after using our competitors and receiving terrible communication and service and they've continued to utilize our services through multiple lease renewals. If you're looking for an active agency with a hands on approach, the team at Red Circle would be pleased to discuss your requirements.

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