Feel At Home

We Are All About Homes

Red Circle Real Estate is a Reliable, Experienced and Dedicated company of local people brought together by the importance and need of having a home.

The aims of our real estate services are:

  1. To provide the best strategies for the needs of our selling & leasing clients.
  2. To help our buying and renting customers find the right home.
  3. To build trustworthy relationships founded on constant communication, honest advice & reliable information.
  4. To strengthen and support our local community.

Our Values


We keep our promises and people can count on us, but by being reliable, we also we count on each other. We consistently perform our duties to a high standard and gain the trust of those we serve. We deliver dependable results and see each task through to the end. Our structured systems build the courage and confidence we need to take on greater challenges and responsibilities.


When being entrusted with people’s homes we have a responsibility to be the best in the field and to never compromise our integrity in any dealing. In the most difficult of situations we will provide confidence to our clients through our experienced people who have gained knowledge and skill in our particular fields over many years.


We are fully committed to achieving the objectives of our clients and our devotion for working with people’s homes drives our passion for learning and system innovation. We seek ways to go over and above the call of duty, to achieve the best outcomes, in the name of customer service. We are faithful to our commitments and have an unreserved loyalty towards to the purpose of Red Circle.