Team work & experience underpins new real estate agency


Taking an old residence with solid foundations and adding some new and exciting touches to transform it into a contemporary building that meets the demands of a modern lifestyle happens every day in Ballarat. Now, it is has also happened in the real estate industry. The opening of Red Circle’s Ballarat office sees respected and established real estate agents combining their experience and knowledge with the exuberance, talent and vigour of youth.

Today also marks the return of Neil Jens to the real estate industry after a short hiatus. He has joined forces with fellow long-term agent Peter McErvale and a highly experienced newcomer to the Ballarat real estate landscape, Brad Miller, in launching Red Circle Real Estate.

But, Red Circle is far more than just another real estate agency, according to Mr Miller. “At Red Circle we have adopted a new business model that will allow us to focus totally on the client – we want to treat everyone who comes into contact with our business well and to ensure every transaction finishes happily,” he said.
“To achieve this Red Circle will operate as an equity partnership under which sales people will earn a salary rather than commission. It is our belief that this will build a team environment with everyone working together to obtain the best outcome for the client. What it means is one sales person’s success is the whole agency’s success - we all reap the rewards. Therefore we all win when we work as a team to meet the client’s needs.”

Mr Miller said experience had shown Mr Jens and Mr McErvale that operating under a commission-based system created an unhealthy team culture that was not in the best interests of the client. “We have decided it was time to do things differently – some people might call it a little old-fashioned - and to build a team that truly works together because teams can achieve so much more than individuals.”

The agency, based at 326 Sturt Street, Ballarat, offers the full range of real estate services – buying, selling, rentals, country and city residences, land sales and lifestyle properties. The Red Circle team also includes locals Jim Bambridge, Shane Brennan, Chris Byrne, Jenny McErvale and Kylie Turner.
During his more than 40 years in the real estate industry, Mr Jens has sold many of Ballarat’s most prestigious properties at auction and private sale while during his 37 years, Mr McErvale has had a strong focus on rural and lifestyle properties. These strengths are brought together under the Red Circle banner with Mr Miller adding his own drawing power by seeing the Ballarat industry with a newcomer’s eye and offering fresh and innovative leadership ideas.

“Both Neil and Peter are well known to anyone who has been involved in real estate in Ballarat during the past 30-plus years,” Mr Miller said.

“They offer a wealth of experience while remaining very much in touch with the way the market works today through traditional, online and social media. Here at Red Circle we can offer the client the best of everything the real estate industry has to offer without the pushy sales techniques used in ‘commission-based’ enterprises.”

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