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A home is not just a place, it’s a feeling of comfort and safety. A place that you can be yourself. It is a haven, your work of art; a canvass on which you can express your personality and passions and share them with those you love. The need for a home lives in us all and we live to find people homes.

Red Circle is a celebration of home and what it means to have one. We provide real estate services for those that are selling, leasing, buying or renting a home. Focusing particularly on residential home sales, residential property management and residential & lifestyle land sales.


Paint Perfection


For a relatively small outlay, a fresh coat of paint can greatly increase the value of your home on the market. For those just wishing to revamp their home, using more modern colours and techniques such as feature walls can totally transform a space. As the saying goes – a change is as good as a holiday! Here are some top tips to help you achieve a professional paint job...

Asbestos facts for renovators


In general, domestic buildings contain non-friable asbestos fibres, which the authorities agree are not a health risk if they remain sealed and in good condition (such as painted, asbestos-cement sheet walls). If the fibres are disturbed during renovation precautions should be taken. While removing asbestos from your own property is not illegal, the safest option is to call in the experts.

10 Investor Mistakes


Real estate has become an investment that everyone seems to think will be the ticket to easy wealth.  Why shouldn’t investors be snapping up property? After all, mortgage rates are low and the housing market in some parts of the country is still hot.

Team work & experience underpins new real estate agency


Taking an old residence with solid foundations and adding some new and exciting touches to transform it into a contemporary building that meets the demands of a modern lifestyle happens every day in Ballarat. Now, it is has also happened in the real estate industry. The opening of Red Circle’s Ballarat office sees respected and established real estate agents combining their experience and knowledge with the exuberance, talent and vigour of youth.